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How to Perfect Your Essay Main Body


Essay structure will always be the main body paragraphs framed by the introduction and conclusion, no matter how advanced your essay structure or content. The main body will consist of the main ideas and arguments that you plan to present to your reader. To make sure that you cover all the points that you think are necessary to support your thesis, you form a paragraph addressing each point. These paragraphs joined together to make the main body of the essay.

During the essay writing process, the main body paragraphs will go through a lot of changes, during the draft as well as the review process: there will be paragraphs that are added; there will be paragraphs split it two or merged together, and there will be paragraphs that are expanded.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about conforming to the narrow-approach of 5-paragraph essays, where you are restricted to only 3–4 body paragraphs. The 5-paragraph essay is usually followed in your school education, in order to allow you to concentrate more on critical thinking, analysis, and evaluation of the subject matter. The downside of it is that you cannot explore every aspect of the subject and just have to stick to the main salient points so contact an essay writing service.


Essay writing is a major part of your academics, and it is important for you to know your essay structure. You will be more in command of your essay structure the higher in your academics that you go. Usually, you are accustomed to writing the 5-paragraph essay that tailors the essay structure for you and allows you the freedom to concentrate on other parts of your writing such as the critical analysis, argumentation, and presenting the information.

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Here are ways to improve your main body of your essay:

  • Use a separate paragraph to give a proper context to the subject at hand:

At times it is necessary to add additional information about the subject matter at hand. This will help the reader provide a context and that will in turn place each idea in the right context. Since you don’t want to make the introduction lengthy, you can add a paragraph after it for this purpose.

  • Start with the important points first:

Instead of randomly putting things down in the essay, you should choose a sequence. This can be either an important point first or an important point last. The former is preferred as the important things should come at the start of the essay.

  • Make sure to put the topic sentence foremost in each of the paragraphs:

Good paragraphs make for a great essay body. The best way to improve your paragraph is to make sure that the topic sentence is noticeable and allows for the reader to get to know the idea or the argument the paragraphs aim to discuss.

  • Avoid paragraphs that are too lengthy or too short:

The paragraph size should be of normal length. Longer paragraphs tend to lose the concentration of the reader and smaller ones tend to garner little attention. You can divide a single paragraph into two paragraphs and merge similar paragraphs together to save reading time and space.

  • Not every paragraph is there to discuss a point

There will be paragraphs that will be supporting paragraphs to ones that are discussing the main points. These paragraphs are important for a better understanding of the point, especially if they contribute a new point of view to the discussion.

  • End each paragraph that discusses a point, with a connection back to the main thesis

Each idea or the point of the paragraph should be connected back to the main thesis of the paragraph. This is important as at times the reader forgets to connect the point with the main thesis. A reminder towards the end of the paragraph will only go on strengthening the paragraphs.

  • Make sure that there is a transition between the paragraphs:

There should be a coherence between the paragraphs also. This can be helped by transitioning between the paragraphs using either transitioning words or continuing from where the previous paragraph left off.


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